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[poem] The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Pilfered from the depths of despair

a flicker of light that burns through

the flesh of my hand. It slips and slides

like a tidal wave through New York, a

destruction of mass proportion left

in its wake and a conscience of a knowledge

that it’s the fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Tampered, not by the hands of higher beings,

but by the unruly fingers of mere mortals

desperate for a taste of the unquenchable

thirst of finding the answer to the universe.

Does the answer lie within a God, or is it

a number conceived after seven and a half

million years of thought — 42? To be or not

to be, a question worth contemplating but

is it not because I think, therefore I am?


Published in the anthology, Anima Methodi.


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