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[campaign] One Shot

One Shot is a social campaign conceptualised by my team and I after we discovered that binge-drinking was a concern amongst young adults aged 18 to 29 years old. I was the designer for this campaign which aims to help binge-drinkers stop drinking, start adventuring.

In order to tackle the problem, we first created a young and friendly character named Ashley that would aid in building rapport with our target audience. The campaign follows Ashley's journey to sobriety through learning about the negative effects of binge-drinking and tips on how to wean off excessive alcohol intake.

However, most binge-drinkers are often not aware that they have a drinking problem, as such, we've implemented a sobriety test to help people learn their drinking habits.

As our campaign also seeks to encourage our target audience to involve themselves in other activities that are not drinking, we designed a phone app that can not only keep track of one's drinking habits but also introduce nearby events or activities our app users can try their hands at whilst socialising with new people.

You can visit our website here.


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