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24hr Crowbar Advertising Challenge

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As the title suggests, this challenge required for its participants to conceptualise an advertising campaign to sell Breadtalk as the employer of choice to millennials in 24hrs. Our team cinched first prize for this competition.

With only 24hrs to come up with a solid idea for an advertising campaign, our first line of action was to identify Breadtalk's unique selling point -- its strong policy of using premium ingredients.

Following that thought, we designed a concept that will allow current and future employees of Breadtalk to identify themselves as another premium ingredient the brand takes pride in. Therefore, our big idea is "The People are the Secret Ingredient to Breadtalk's success." and our slogan "Be a part of our recipe".

The core of our campaign, our microsite, was used to bring awareness to Breadtalk's career progression options through a story-telling concept designed as a game. All other advertisements we thought of was used to lead back to our microsite, which also acted as our main Return of Investment measuring tool.

You can access our slides here to view all other advertisement mockups.


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